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A playful twist on our popular 'W' series, this design is self-explanatory for the heads in the know. This cap is made from eco-friendly Hemp fabric to keep your head chill, along with a secret stash pocket for all your discreet needs. 

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  We're celebrating 420 with this limited release. Get yours while you can! 

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We're proud to premiere the long-awaited second episode of Weed In Progress: an ongoing series aimed at sharing stories, wisdom and inspiration regarding the issue of Cannabis. This time, we sat down with some influential local voices in the scene to discover their unique perspectives and share them with the rest of the world.

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We're keeping the weed in progress through our first collaboration with San Francisco-based
dispensary and delivery service Mirage Medicinal. More than just 'a dispensary for the rest of us',
Mirage Medicinal provides expert care and top-shelf products for all their patients and members.

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It's time to spark a conversation. Weed In Progress is an ongoing series aimed at
sharing stories,
wisdom and inspiration. In the midst of progressive Cannabis law
reforms worldwide, we hope that soon the Philippines will be granted the same
opportunity to access Cannabis for its medical and recreational benefits.

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