MB - 'Azzurum'

₱1,550.00 ₱1,000.00


  • Azure Polyester-Wool fabric
  • Black and White embroidery of the MB Flyboy logo in front
  • Black embroidery of 'Crade to the grave' at the back
  • Signature embroidered WIP logo on the left side
  • Comes with WIP labels + MB snap label, tags and WIP certificate of authenticity
  • Snapback - One size fits all (fits up to head size of 64cm)
Mumma’s Boy is an independent clothing brand rooted in a desire to pride us of our mothers and to make them proud of us as well. Mumma’s Boy is a brand that takes positivity from the phrase as they produce clothing that tackles what makes the little boy in all of us a “Mumma’s Boy”. The movement they push out to the people is this: no matter what you do, no matter how successful you have become, you never forget the roots of family and the lessons your mumma taught you.

The Mumma’s Boy brand was established December 2013. In a years time, after several collaborations, the Mumma’s boy brand was welcomed by the Sole Academy team to be one of their first homegrown brands, alongside WIP caps.

With the overwhelming response to the brand and its designs, Mumma’s Boy has not slowed down one bit--and instead, has geared up to expand the movement into different lifestyles such as basketball, skate and wake while they continue to produce hard hitting graphic designed work in each of their unique products.

The Mumma’s Boy brand and the WIP family has been at it since day one. This time, things just got a little more serious as we release the newest MB lifestyle collection, the MB Hoop Culture collection and the Mumma’s Boy SB snapback.