'W' Geometric


  • Black Polyester-Wool fabric
  • White 3D embroidery of 'W' logo in front
  • Cyan & Magenta tetrahedron embroidered behind the 'W
  • Tonal WIP crown logo on the side
  • Custom printed Torus dome lining
  • Comes with WIP labels + tag + certificate of authenticity + limited-edition 'W' Geometric sticker
  • Black snapback: One size fits all (fits up to headsize of 64cm/size 8)

Geometry comprises the basic building blocks of design. These patterns compose the physical and metaphysical aspects of creation itself, from the way Nature forms its shapes to how thoughts are transformed into matter--the way we construct architecture, logos, art, all the way down to how all sentient life is created.

Inspired by Sacred Geometry, the Star Tetrahedron and Torus were fused with our classic 'W' snapback. This design is a reminder of the daily intricacies and processes that allow all of life to manifest and co-exist. Read more about it here.