Victoria Court x WIP ‘Day of the Dead’ S/B

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  • Glow In The Dark 'Day of the Dead' Logo
  • Grey Under Visor with web embroidery logo
  • Adjustable Snapback Strap
  • Circumference 58cm (fits up to 62cm) 
  • Comes with WIP labels + 'W' rubber tag
  • Certificate of Authenticity + VC Stickers and Key Chain
  • Victoria Court Black Card (enjoy discounts on your next date ;)

    WIP celebrates its long ties with iconic brand Victoria Court with a limited edition S/B, featuring a La Catrina version of the VC icon.

    La Catrina has been synonymous with the celebrations of the day of the dead as is the VC icon is with rendezvous hospitality and passion exploration. A perfect pair, timeless and iconic.