The WIPheads comprise a continuously growing group of cap collectors and enthusiasts from all over the world. What started out as a local facebook group has expanded and transformed into a full-grown community where you can trade, share collections, buy, sell and connect with people from all walks of life who share the same passion as you do. The WIPheads are the only recognized fan club by WIP. Other clubs are subgroups under the main WIPheads umbrella.

To show our appreciation for our customers' loyalty, love and support, the WIPheads Membership Card entitles you to a 10% discount on all products being sold at WIP HQ and, plus a 20% discount on our products on the week of your birthday.
Members can also avail of any special promotions and discounts on products, events and services offered by an approved list of WIP retail partners.

To be eligible for WIPheads membership:
-You must be an active member of the official WIPheads group
-You must own at least ten (10) official WIP caps
-Email WIPheads President and Founder Gab Mercado with your name, valid ID, proof of owned caps, how long you've been collecting and why you want to be a WIPheads Membership Card holder to

As a WIPheads member, you get 10% off every personal and online purchase you make when you use the discount code: wipheadsrock.
*Exclusively for original WIP items and collabs only. Not applicable to items in custom collection.

You can also get 20% off on the week of your birthday online and at WIP HQ.
For online purchases, send us an email with a scan/photo of your I.D. with your birthday and your WIPheads membership card. We'll verify before sending you your customized birthday discount code. For walk-ins, just present any valid I.D during your transaction.
Take note that these discount codes will only work once your account has been inputted in our back-end systems with all necessary and correct information. Only registered WIPheads may avail of these benefits.
*WIPheads discounts do not apply to items already on sale.

The cards are non-transferable. If yearly requirements are not met, the membership may be revoked. The benefits offered in this card are not valid in conjunction with other ongoing promotions and discounts offered by WIP. Purchases made at WIP HQ will require proper identification. The membership is only renewable if the cardholder purchases an approved amount of WIP products per year.