MNL 'Sta. Ana'


  • Quilted Leather crown and bill
  • Golden 3D embroidery of the MNL logo in front
  • Golden 3D embroidery of the horseshoe/eye logo at the back
  • Comes with MNL Sta. Ana + WIP labels, tags and certificate of authenticity
  • DISCLAIMER: This item only has 4 fitted sizes available. If you are unsure of your cap size, please refer to our FAQ section before you make your purchase.

We've explored TondoSta. CruzBinondoErmita & Quiapo, and now Sta. Ana. This is the culmination of our MNL District Series, where WIP has aspired to re-tell stories of our past that are closer to home than we think. The present day Manila is a melting pot of cultures, steeped in modernity, filled with first-world structures placed in stark contrast with third-world living: familiar images of our country's history are all around us. 

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