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The 'KA' Maong


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  • Black Unwashed Denim with White cotton Undervisor. The writing on the visor is printed in Black ink.
  • True fitted design (Only size 8 left!)
  • White Embossed Christian Cabuay 'Ka' logo on the front and a classic style rising Sun and 3 stars embroidery on the back in White
  • Comes with WIP tags + labels + certificate of authenticity

The Ka: Maong cap is the second installment in our collaborations with artist and founder Kristian Kabuay. Baybayin is a pre-Filipino writing system from the islands known as the “Philippines”. Baybayin comes from the word “baybay”, which literally means “spell”.

The cap features the "Ka" symbol in the front. It is a calligraphic symbol that looks slightly like the letter "I". beneath it is a "Kris", a malay sword crossed with a calligraphy pen both representing struggle and art. On the rear of the cap is a logo of a sun rising from behind a mountain, with three stars inside the mountain. That logo was used by Nationalistic Katipuneros, Philippine revolutionary society founded by anti-Spanish Filipinos in 1892, on some of their flags. The left side of the cap features the WIP'logo while the right side of the cap has the symbols "Ka" "Bu" and "Wa" all in baybayin.

The Under bill of the cap has a special message written in a hidden code used by Katipuneros to transmit messages undetected during the Spanish Era. You can try and translate what the message means using the translations in and

The Ka: Ma-ong cap is made out of Raw Black Denim. Ma-ong means Jeans in Tagalog. Kristian wanted to use this textile to pay homage to the Manongs who farmed California in the early 1900's. Jeans became the iconic in the 1850' as a piece of working class utilitarian clothing meant to stand up to the rigors of building railways and mining for gold in the American west.

The dark denim that was used is a type of raw denim that has not been washed after the Black dying process, which means that over time the Black color will fade in any areas where the denim is regularly creased or rubbed. This natural fading creates unique patterns of wear that will become your individual denim fingerprint over time. When washed or wet, the cap's Black pigments will bleed very easily. Aesthetically it will give the cap a very worn out feel. The white under bill and front logo will have unique stains that blend well with Kristian's Calligraphy.

*DISCLAIMER: If you do not want your cap to blend, protect the cap with a water-proofer and be careful not to get it wet! We will not return/replace items that were damaged in your care.

Only 500pcs were made for this run