Japanese + Pinoy + Noise = JAPINOIZ

This refreshing term sums up the lifestyle of DJ REiZ: the half Japanese, half Filipino turntablist DJ.

The underground is where new sounds are born, regardless of what generation we are in. Even the simplest, most mundane noise can have unlimited potential to be something more. The emphasis lies in beautifully mixing multiple elements together to create a single cohesive sound.

Both Japan and the Philippines are comprised of over seven thousand Islands. Like these many islands, his music and all the different experiences he has gone through, come together and tell the single story of who DJ REiZ is, not just as a musican, but as an artist as well.

dip + log is a new expression.
diplog refers those who have found what they have been seeking–the ones whose spirits never bow down to rules and restrictions. This is a new brand that is broadcasting from Asia–starting in Japan, and now, in the Philippines as well.

The patterns are custom-made: dark grey tigerstripes on black polyester-wool fabric. There are tiny intricate details embroidered in black–‘RZ’ for Japinoiz, and ‘TK’ for diplog–initials that pay tribute to the minds behind the designs: Reiz & Taku. Above the snapback is an embroidered tattoo gun with the 3 Stars and Sun, representing the strong Pinoy ties of DJ Reiz, who calls the Philippines home.


Combined, the underbill artwork for both caps form the mask of Oni, which is a Yōkai (supernatural creature), made famous through traditional Japanese folklore, variously translated as demons, devils, ogres or trolls. They are popular characters in Japanese art, literature and theatre. Although they have a history of being depicted as demons, more modern interpretations of the Oni have taken on a more protective function. Men in Oni costumes often lead Japanese parades to ward off any bad luck. Japanese buildings sometimes include oni-faced roof tiles called onigawara, which are thought to ward away bad luck, much like gargoyles.

These uniquely Japinoy snapbacks will be available tomorrow exclusively at wipcaps.com! They go for P1650 each, but are available as a set exclusively at our store for P3000. These will be coming soon to Golddigger as well so stay posted.


Along with this, DJ REiZ released the JAPINOIZ mix to showcase his artistry and capabilities through music and noise.

Click on the photo above and Follow DJ REiZ on Soundcloud for more of his dope mixes!


We’ll be throwing a huge launch party for both Japinoiz and Diplog at Black Market on June 6, 2015, where we’ll also be selling these limited edition snapbacks. Supported by WIP and the Irie Sunday crew, we’ll be creating a fusion of experiences through music, art and visuals all in one night.

To add to all that, Japanese Reggae deejay twins, Ackee & Saltfish will be performing live alongside Artical Sound!

Don’t forget to join us at the afterparty too! Though these events are a few weeks away, the true heads know what’s up! You gotta rock these wipcaps live at the show, where we’ll be covering performances and party-goers alike.


See you there!

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