This design goes way back in WIP’s story. Our first release, the PAC Q ‘OG’ was first made back in ’08–the same year we established the brand. As Manny Pacquiao‘s popularity grew rapidly in the USA, Hat Club hit us up to make an exclusive series for them in 2009. Eventually, we connected with the Team Pacquiao Store to make their own series of caps in 2012.

The PAC Q, with its playful iconic look, has become a collector’s staple item for many WIPheads the world over. This year, we thought it would be great to create a new version of this WIP caps classic–just in time for the upcoming Mayweather VS Pacquiao fight and the premiere of TEN17P‘s latest film, ‘KID KULAFU’.


We’re bringing more attention to who Manny was before all the success, fame and fortune–highlighting the parts of his life that mirror the same strength he carries with him each time he steps foot on the ring. In the same way, this ‘Kid Kulafu’ edition of the PAC Q is minimalist in black and white: bringing us back to our simple roots and origins.


The PAC Q ‘KID KULAFU’ is black, with ghosted logos of WIP and TEN17P on both sides. All the detail is in the front embroidery of NKYM‘s Pacman design, with the official KID KULAFU logo embroidered at the back.

This limited cap will be available for P1550 tomorrow at wipcaps.com, and at WIP HQ and our partner stores by April 20.


Kid Kulafu is a gripping film based on Manny’s story, told beautifully through great imagery and storytelling with the direction of our good friend Paul Soriano, edited by WIP Production’s own Mark Victor & Vlad Pullarca. It elucidates the difficulties of poverty in the Philippines, the importance of believing in your dreams and having faith in the midst of painful realities.

We’re honored to contribute a part in showcasing Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao’s story in our own way.

Kid Kulafu premiered on the 15th, and is now showing in cinemas nationwide.

Keep your tickets and you might get the chance to win something cool from us! Stay tuned!

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