Long time WIP rider and influencer, Alan Alfaro, has been making moves to bring more attention to our local BMX and bike scene. This year, he brought the vibes over to his hometown in Nueva Ecija, making it the first big bmx riding and skateboarding event in the area.


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“So, I’m pursuing this to promote extreme sports in the town and also to open the minds of people and the youth that we are not just a bunch of kids riding bikes, skating and doing shitty things in the streets. We want people to understand and appreciate the culture of bmx riding and skateboarding to make them realize that we extreme sports athletes are passionate and responsible individuals, and can act and contribute to better society because we have a positive outlook in life.”

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Alan has always been inspiring in our eyes. He carries with him a bright demeanor which shines through when crowds of both kids and adults alike cheer him on as he does tricks on his bike. There’s no doubt that with this dude around, the scene will gain more recognition as not just a sports activity, but as a style of life too.

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We’re proud to have Alan Alfaro on our team, whose passions are tightly-knit with his community and his peers—and WIP is more than willing to help spread the word! Keep moving the movement and we’ll be here to support all the way!

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