Dancehall: the name says it all. Surrounded by both controversy and fascination, the movement whose roots began in Jamaica has taken on a life of its own, influencing the underground club scene the world over, most notably in Japan. Having links with Mighty Crown, Dancehall Queen PhattyMaria & Big Answer Sound–it was only a matter of time before Manila got in on the action.

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Working with the same minds behind Irie Sunday, we’re giving Dancehall Bashment its own well-deserved spotlight!


WIP has always been big admirers and supporters of Reggae and its many sub-genres, and with the Black Market crew, we’re bringing the vibrant and expressive culture of Dancehall to you in the form of Pum Pum Tun Up!

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In between Black Market’s packed nights of dub, hip hop, trap and bass, you’ll find us there on Thursdays, getting down with PhattyMaria, the Pum Pum gals and the Philippine All-stars, who come through and bless the dancefloor with their presence and vibes. The best dancers of the night are hooked up with WIP caps too!


Dancehall is a culture and a way of life. Dancehall is its own energy. It allows you to find confidence in yourself through movement, rhythm, and expression. Men and women alike are drawn to the sound, not only for its body-moving tunes and riddims, but also because it allows you let go of your inhibitions, creating a refreshing space for the liberation of the soul through dance and music.

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Dancehall is in-your-face, sexy and free.


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Pum Pum Tun Up is a night for the ladies and gents, the rude boys and gals, the music junkies and dancers, the singles and the lovers–even friends and family. Get in touch with your wild side! Ladies’ drinks are on us til midnight!

Here’s the line up for this month, you don’t wanna miss it!

 PumpumTunup-March192015  PumpumTunup-March262015

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