The TAG LIFE series is playful but simple, with three basic colors: black, red and blue. Taking its wordplay cues from ‘THUG LIFE’, relating to street culture and going against the norms of society, the right hand holding a marker represents raw and gutsy creativity. Back in the day, tagging or wall writing was something everyone wanted to do; it was an exhilarating form of expression–a way to leave your mark on the city, whether it’s your name, your pseudonym, a word, or a statement. It’s liberating and exciting, and to this day, you can find signatures and streaks on walls, posts and empty lots, reminding you that people can’t help but leave a small piece of themselves anywhere, regardless of the city’s rules or whether it’s perceived as art or vandalism.

   taglife-streakblue04   taglife-streakred05

We’re calling these the ‘STREAK KINGS’, a play on the term ‘Street Kings’. The name puts emphasis on the strong presence of unique streaks and marks from the early days of graffiti to the modern day tagging found the world over, giving cities a great sense of depth and identity, each piece representing a different story. However, these stories are all linked together by their chosen forms of expression.

Those who are into the Tag Life know that the world is their canvas, and they are artists of their own lives and legacies: the hand behind the marker or the spray can. The best and most revealing journeys always involve an element of risk and going with the flow of things.


The streak kings make up only the first half of the series, and they go for P1548 each at or WIP HQ. These are also available with our trusted partner stores and online stockists! Watch out for the next half of the series soon!

Until then, keep leaving your mark!

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