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Music moves your mind, body and soul. There’s something about our local rock scene that takes you in and allows you to let go of your inhibitions–allowing you to immerse yourself in the inspiring and breathtaking relationship between the band on stage and the crowds who watch them, exchanging energies and feeding off one another’s love for music. We’re giving it up for some of the best local rock groups we know this year, whose ties run deep through tight-knit friends, artists and fans whose evolution and expressions sparked internal and personal revolutions in us all. This time, we’re coming out with our first collab with the band Wilabaliw, and a follow-up cap for our Barangay Tibay fam!

Vocalist Ian Tayao and bassist Niño Avenido, as long-time members of the highly successful and influential Queso and Greyhoundz respectively, have made important contributions to Philippine heavy music together with guitarist Louis Isok which and Jesso Montejo (Drums), all known for their unique style, create WilaBaliW’s powerful repertoire.

Inspired by their electrifying sound and stunning performances–peppered with high-energy flips, stage dives and crowd-surfing–we thought it would be perfect to create WBW’s own amplifier in the form of a cap–representing the magnification of your senses and your consciousness, whether you’re blasting their songs in your room or watching them rock live.

Barangay Tibay is a community/family of local musicians and artists, who perform, collaborate and work together in evolving our music scene in the Philippines: Bridging the gap, Spreading the love, Lighting the torch, Raising their flag since ’06. Staying true to their mission and their name, we collaborated to bring definition to their strength as a widely-acclaimed organization of local talents and events.

Fueled by fiery energies and burning-hot tracks, the dudes of BRGY TIBAY are sure to keep the fire burning for years and years to come. The BRGY TIBAY 2.0 is classic and simple at first glance, but blazes on from the inside-out!

You can cop these first in person tomorrow exclusively during the Locked down x BRGY TIBAY event at B-SIDE! Go get your WIP MEDISINA!


Of course, these will be available as well at wipcaps.com & WIP HQ the next day, and at Gold Digger Records by March 1, 2015 for P1550 each, so be sure to keep checking! These designs are now available for pre-order (plus free shipping) from our trusted stockists and partners: Gearhead Online & HeadsUp Wear!


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