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Last Sunday, we found ourselves at Gold digger Manila Records in Cubao Expo for their grand opening. We got together with friends for BBQ, tacos, beers, and the sweet sound of vinyl records being played by some of Manila’s best selectas!


Gold digger specializes in vinyl, clothes and collectibles. If you’re looking to snag something new for your record collection or your wardrobe, you’re sure to find something that’ll appeal to your tastes.

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The main floor is mostly dedicated to records, cool trinkets and collector’s items, along with DJ equipment and accessories.

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You’ll find WIPCAPS on the second floor, where the WIPheads arrived early to get first dibs on some of our rare MNL Series designs, which we made available on grand opening day. You’ll find our stuff displayed in a beautiful minimalist manner along with other proudly Independent and local brands who offer you a variety of designs inspired by the lifestyle.

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On the other side of the room, you’ll find a section dedicated to turntables and more records. There’s lots of gold to be found if you’re a music-junkie who knows where to look–and all roads lead to Cubao Expo.

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We look forward to many creative and collaborative opportunities moving forward! They’ve got our latest designs available for everyone in the Cubao area, open everyday from 1PM-9PM!

The whole WIP team is glad to be linked up with Gold Digger. Y’all should get hooked up too! Until the next event!


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