The Brotherhood series is aesthetically inspired by fraternities, and we wanted to give the concept of ‘brotherhood’ a fresh new look. Of course, we gotta give shout outs to our sisters too! We designed these caps to show love and respect for the people we support, and those who support and trust us as a local lifestyle and streetwear brand. Since our humble beginnings in ’08, we’ve seen an astounding growth in connections between artists, groups and passionate individuals whose styles and forms of expression are unified and topped off with a touch of WIP!

We’ve always wanted to show our appreciation and awe for those who continue to do what they love and love what they do. We each have our own journeys and paths to tread in life, but there’s no denying that the friends and groups we choose to be with influence us in a variety of ways–challenging, motivating and aiding us to be the best we can be. We wanna give special mentions to the WIPheads, whose communities, friendships and stories inspire us to keep going and growing!

360navy  360maroon

We’ve got three colorways for ya: black, navy and maroon, with a felt applique design in front, accented nicely with white
embroidery at the back of each cap ‘MMXVIII’–2008 in Roman Numerals, the year WIP caps was established. To give the brims a pop of playful color, we lined the underbrim with Kelly Green fabric. These go for 1548 each, inclusive of 12% VAT. We’ll be coming out with our Brotherhood Tees pretty soon so watch out for those!

This series would make a great addition to your growing WIP caps collection, subtly reminding you of that underlying connection and unity amongst all of us. Grab one now at our webstore and rock it proudly by next week, or head over to B-SIDE tonight for Fliptop’s 6th Anniversary + Grain Assault 6 to get yours before everyone else does. Rock dat shit right and nod when you see your homies or favourite artists at gigs and gatherings.They’ll know what’s up!

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