MEDISINA, run by our homies from BRGY TIBAY since ’06, TJ Brillantes & Reg Rubio of Greyhoundz, along with Tuts Calinawan of Queso, collaborated with us to bring you more meds for BS!

The MEDISINA snapback is simple and classy, featuring front 3D embroidery of their signature crossed-axes logo, along with a customized underbill, which has a stylized print of a massive crowd of supporters and fans of the brand and the creative individuals that stand proudly behind the name.

We are always grateful for the opportunity to be collaborating with an organisation that spreads the message of community, friendship, love and good vibes in the local rock scene! We’ve always got MEDISINA’s back, and we know they got ours too.


On top of this, we’ve got the band QUESO tying up with us to create their ‘DAGA’ cap, which is the Tagalog word for ‘RAT’. The whole cap is a visual play on words!

   Featuring a straight-forward ‘DAGA’ 3D embroidery in front, and rat’s paw prints at the back, this cap’s definitely got that Queso flavor you’re lookin for! And you can’t be forgetting about that cheese-pattern underbill, completing the cap’s look with a touch of humor.

Both these sick caps will be dropping 5pm onwards, 11.08.14 at MEDISINA, CUBAO EXPO for P1450 each! Debuting these along with chill-outs, inuman, live music and more! We’ll have these available online at our WIP PH shop by midnight! But be sure to go to their Anniversary party tonight if you want to get first dibs, because these designs are in-demand! See you there!


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