“I do believe each family has the right and responsibility to defend themselves from tyrannical corrupt police, politicians and lobbyists, trying to manipulate laws to protect their money while they criminalize you for feeding your family–and when I say family, I don’t necessarily mean mom and dad. You know, I mean your community, your neighborhood and that rifle is symbolic of that defense, but I really do mean a rifle.

And I’ll prolly get in trouble for this shit, but yknow, that’s funny ’cause studio gangstas rap about killing their own people and they get plaques; I get homeland security letters and shit. But fuck y’all man, stop closing schools down and maybe I’ll put the rifle away. But until then: EDUCATE, ORGANIZE AND MOBILIZE. One rifle per family.”

(From Bambu‘s Album ‘One Rifle Per Family’, Self-Defense Interlude, 2012. BEATROCK MUSIC)


Listening to Bambu’s music brings up a lot of thought-provoking concepts about the state of our communities and how things have been for the longest time, with words that criticize the system, the lawmakers, the law enforcers, the greedy corporations, the shady politicians: the ones who are reckless in their attempts to further their own profit-driven goals, while the people pay the cost. More than ever, we’ve been hearing and seeing things more clearly as a global community. We hear about unjust social structures, police brutality, violence, wars, unreasonable laws, unnecessary ‘legal’ constraints, prohibitions, corrupt officials–it seems that the entire system has been infiltrated by the growth of corruption, misinformation, greed and anger.

Bambu makes his stance on these topics very clear in his lyrics: we need to serve the people, serve the youth, help each other and protect each other, because the people who claim they are doing so are only trying to protect themselves and their own agendas.


“One can easily say that I’ve been organized my whole life. I was an active member of an organization of poor youth of color in South Los Angeles. I transitioned into the most organized assembly of trained killers in the world. Now, still carrying the tools of my upbringing, I spend my days educating and mobilizing youth into an organization that aims to capsize a system that is in place to oppress us. A rollercoaster indeed and one that I wouldn’t trade for shit.

My story is not unique. I am the son of immigrant parents who grew up with other immigrants, refugees, and stolen people in a city where the youth’s goals reflect the greater culture: profit over people. I organize for those who share this with me and I make music to aid in that work.

When I was 12 all I wanted to do was belong. I was willing to do anything to be down, regardless of the pain I endured or the people I hurt under the false pretense that they were enemies. Decades later, all I want is to let those young people know that they already belong and that the group they belong to has one common enemy…and it ain’t our own folks. I am now part of a “gang” that is actively fighting a winnable war, and the end result will truly benefit the masses.” (Taken from an article written by Bam himself)

We’re extremely humbled and grateful to be linked up with Bambu. The themes surrounding his creations ring true on many levels, not just for the people in LA or Manila, but for many people around the world. When corruption is as exposed as it is now, we cry for answers to these problems that have affected generation after generation. We are a big part of the answer against any form of corruption.

Like Bambu, we believe that education is the first step. We must learn what we aren’t being taught and gain insight into what really matters for humanity. We have to learn to recognize corruption and lies when we see them, and share the knowledge and wisdom with our loved ones, our family, our friends. We need to organize ourselves–in a way that our present “leaders” are incapable of–to start something with a cause that benefits and uplifts the community, the youth and those who have been made unwilling participants in a failing system. Lastly, we have to mobilize the movement. We have to be the movement. We have all the tools we need to make things better in our own way, whether it be through our words, our art, our music or our lifestyles. We all have a purpose and a role to play, but the best revolutions begin with our willingness to transcend what we think is holding us back.

Be the change you want to be in the world, and the rest will follow.

WIP :: UPRISING in Intramuros from WIP CAPS on Vimeo.

The Corruption ‘Bambu’ is made from black polyester-wool fabric, with our signature ‘Corruption’ artwork in white 3D embroidery at the front. Above the snapback, is the ‘EOM’ logo, which stands for Educate. Organize. Mobilize, with two rifles crossed. The underbill is accented with kelly green fabric and printed and embroidered on it are lines from Bambu’s Self-Defense track (One Rifle Per Family, 2012)

It’ll be available at WIP HQ, our online shop, zalora marketplace, and with your trusted stores and stockists tomorrow for PHP1450. Along with that, we’ve got the Corruption Tee for you to rock at PHP680, for reppin righteousness from Manila to LA!



Follow his Party Worker Campaign on Kickstarter! Real inspiring stuff.


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