We collaborated with professional magician and mentalist, Erik Mana, and launched this snapback as part of the Zinfandel & Indigo Kickstarter campaign. Mana was born in Manila and raised in Toronto, Canada. He is best known for his three television specials Stranger, Mastermind and Believe, which aired on a local and international Filipino channel.

The cap is simple and tonal, yet mysterious at the same time: featuring a 3D embroidery of Mana’s own ‘Black Mana Club’ logo, a side logo of ‘EM’ and our signature WIP logo embroidery on the side.

We’re stoked to have made this for Erik, and we’re happy he chose us for this special run! Only 140 of these cool limited edition caps were ever made and will not be produced again; comes complete with its own numbered certificate signed by Erik Mana himself! :)

You can get these exclusively through our online shop or at WIP HQ for P1450. Go to erikmana.com and manaplayingcards.com to read up on who Erik Mana is, and how he’s influenced the local and international magic scene.

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