The long awaited WIPSK8 collection is now available!

This collection was heavily inspired by 90’s style skate wear and culture, playing with some classic old school designs to merge with our knowledge of the current skate scene. Being admirers of skateboarding as both a style of life and an art form, we wanted to show love and support to some of our own independent skaters in the Philippines in our own way.

We formed the WIPSK8 team last year, led by David Villania aka Gnarrate, with badass skaters Cl Paje, Bem Baldelovar, Kiko Camaclang, Neil John Natividad & Jm ocana!


Skateboarding has never left the scene! More than ever, people have been discovering their love and passion for skateboarding around the urban jungles of the city, whether it be taking a lonely meditative cruise or skating with a couple of friends, they use it as a means to get around and have fun while they’re at it. It’s liberating and dripping with self-expression!

 Nowadays, it’s been easy to spot skaters chilling around their local skate spots: some are clean and structured, others grungy and raw, some of them with professional ramps, others with DIY obstacles–but no matter the environment, skaters are always doing the same thing: interacting with their surroundings–getting in touch with their creativity to find a true expression of their being. We believe that the skaters speak for themselves by just doing what they do best, and we want them to shine while keeping the garments chill and easy on the eyes.

The WIPSK8 snapback is dominantly black, with a leather top bill and a light gray underbill. The design is reminiscent of  gripping wheels and concrete. The WIPSK8 logo was created by WIPSK8 team manager, Gnarrate, who we thank for allowing us to reinterpret his concept with a twist of our own! We are honored to have our team with us, because they breathe life, attitude and passion into our products.  We want our skaters to feel proud representing WIPSK8, whether it be in competitions or in the streets.

WIP loves the courage and the dedication it takes to deal with the falls, to laugh off the scrapes and the bruises, and to try and try again, just to do get better at what you love to do.

The WIPSK8 collection is dedicated to every skater out there, you guys have our respect!

powellwhite-front  powellwhite-backpowellblack-front  powellblack-back wipsk8tah  wipsk8pinup

We’ve got 4 tees and a snapback for you to take out on your skate trips wherever you go! Click on the photos to get yours  now!


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