The MNL ‘Besao’ is a collaboration with UNKNWN, which also pays tribute to our mountain province of Besao here in the Philippines. Besao is believed to have derived its name from the Ilocano word \”Buso\” meaning headhunter. The people then of the neighboring towns, specifically those from the Ilocos Region, believed that the early \”Besaos\” were elite headhunters. The word later on evolved as it is now called – Besao.

This cap is a cross between our Headhunter and MNL caps. The fabric was brought in specifically from the region to incorporate our indigenous roots into our present fashion today. The front has a 3d embroidery outline of ‘MNL’ and is inlayed with the same fabric to represent how even with our constantly evolving modern world, our history and aboriginal culture are still very much ingrained in who we are today.

This cap is extremely limited, with only 90 pieces available for purchase. You can get your MNL ‘Besao’ exclusively through UNKNWN, and our official partner distributor, GearHead Online Shop. Get them while you can! :)

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