The “Baybayin Duha”,  means 2 in Bisaya and Baybayin (incorrectly known Alibata), is the writing system used in the Philippines prior to Spanish colonization. Placing the ancient script is a perfect combination of the old and new representing cultural identity through style. The crocodile skin isn’t just for fashion, it has a direct connection to indigenous Philippine belief systems wherein Crocodiles . Crocodile patterns have long since been used in textiles, swords and tattoos.  The Baybayin ‘Duha’ is only available through for USA orders, while you can order exclusively from our trusted partners over at GearHead Online Shop in the Philippines. (Read more about the importance of crocodiles to indigenous Filipinos at Pera Daly’s website!)

Christian Cabuay is definitely someone we are proud to still be collaborating with, in an effort to spread the knowledge and acceptance of Baybayin, not only as an important part of our indigenous culture and history, but part of ourselves as Filipinos as well. This cap is a combination of old and new, to create something different but still true to our roots, so that more of us today will be able to appreciate the past as part of both our present and future.

Visit for more videos, articles and updates. Only 100 pieces were made for the production of this cap.  Get ’em while you can!

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