The MNL Sta. Cruz is the second release from our ongoing MNL District Series, which was started this year to pay tribute to some of Manila’s famous districts.  Sta. Cruz is one of the most historic places in Manila, dating back before Spanish colonials arrived in the Philippines. The area soon transformed from its humble beginnings of marshlands, patches of greenery and rice fields to one of the busiest and most preferred residential and commercial locations during the 19th century, due to its close proximity to the Pasig River that allowed ships to load and unload passengers and freight.

This cap features the MNL Logo in thick white embroidery with a custom cross-print pattern for the crown. The cross pattern is the result of a wordplay on the Spanish term ‘Santa Cruz’ which directly translates to ‘Holy Cross’. The name Sta. Cruz was given by the Jesuit priests who established the Sta. Cruz Parish in June 20, 1619. To this day, the church serves as both a famous historical landmark and a place of religious importance to locals and tourists alike. The other features of this cap are brown (including a brown leather strapback), reminiscent of wood, to signify the importance of this color and material in many historic and modern churches all over the world.

We’ll be dropping this cap in Sta. Cruz this Saturday, August 31, 2013! Check out the posters and details in this blog entry, and here is the map to Sta. Cruzin‘! Keep checking for updates on our official facebook page! See you there!

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