This entry is dedicated to the dance crews who competed in Hip Hop International‘s 2013 World Hip Hop Dance Championships in Las Vegas! We hooked these crews up with some caps to take on their trip to show our support for their passion. These 3 crews were also joined by other talented dance crews from The Philippines: A-Team, Legit Status, Addlib, Unschooled, and Lsdc-Street.

Check out some of these videos we were able to find of these guys killin’ it on stage! You guys are inspiring individuals that deserve world-wide recognition! We’re proud of you!

Here’s the UP Streetdance club‘s performance for the Megacrew division! They bagged the bronze medal! Congratulations guys!

And here are the Philippine Allstars performing for the Adult division! They made it into the Semi-finals! Congratulations allstars! :) They’ve also got this video of their trip around Vegas sportin’ some of our caps!

We look forward to more of your performances and competitions in the future! Keep up the amazing work, pinoy dance crews! We’ll keep supporting you and our local dance and hip hop scene! You make our country proud!

P.S. Watch out for WIP TRIX coming soon! ;)


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