Through the years, WIP has humbly been able to establish itself in the local music scene. Whether it be at hip hop events or reggae celebrations, it isn’t too hard to spot someone wearing one of our caps, thanks to the various talented musicians who support the brand and what we stand for. Recently, we’ve been fortunate enough get our caps in the hands of some local metalheads to be rockin on stage, joining them in their lifestyle of booze, headbanging crowds, guitar shreds and screaming-good vocals.


Vlad Pullarca, vocalist of Pentavia, has been awesome enough to help spread the word around about WIP caps in the local metal scene. Pentavia, along with the dudes from Disembodied Existence, have been spreading the WIP love and are fresh off the Indienation‘s tour with the Metal heads with broken hearts, a band that flew in from Norway for their 2013 Philippine Tour.

The best part is that they took their WIP caps with them for the entire trip! Check out how they rocked the stages of Manila, Iloilo, Cebu, Bacolod and Las Pinas!




Ben Garcia Balabad, vocalist of Disembodied Existence


Ben and Vlad with Nico Lazaro, guitarist of Disembodied Existence





Vlad and Jesse Reyes, guitarist of Pentavia




We would like to express how grateful we are to be a part of your music and your lifestyle, and we’ll definitely be looking to design more rock-inspired designs in the future! Big thanks for spreading the WIP love around! We’re happy to be connected with a wide variety of inspiring artists and individuals.

We’ve hooked these guys up for their support! But be on the lookout for our upcoming new releases! August 2013 is gonna be good!

Check out their pages and their music. Keep supporting our local musicians, originality, and your local brands! Thank you for supporting WIP caps! You guys keep us inspired to create!

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