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WIP CAPS has once again collaborated with FlipTop Battle League to create a new BATTLE MC cap this year! This fitted cap comes in desert digital camo to represent how battle MCs have long since been going out to fight their own battles in a warzone of words and wits.

The BATLLE MC III features the iconic “Battle MC” crossed microphones logo on the front. The two crossed microphones symbolizes two things: ‘Rap battle’ and ‘No microphones’. The no microphones format is what FlipTop adopted from Grind Time Now, a world renowned rap battle league which allows MCs to be stripped down to their bare hands during battle. The design on the back, ‘STFU’ is an acronym for the frequently blurted phrase by Fliptop’s President, Anygma. This was especially true for the earlier events, when the crowd wasn’t yet familiar with the rules and kept making noise during the battles.

We’ve seen our different designs, along with the previous styles of BMC, being worn during Fliptop, whether it was in the crowd or in battle. But now that we’ve got the BATLLE MC III up for release real soon, we felt it was only right to give one of the first ones to Anygma. We’ll be coming out with a WIP CAPS exclusive interview with the man himself so watch out for it!

We’ll be dropping the BMC III at Fliptop’s Tournament Round 2, during both days (July 19-20) at B-Side, Makati! If you guys bought your Fliptop pre-sale tickets from us, it’ll be the perfect opportunity to avail of your special BMC III discounts!

See you guys  there!


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