Renowned graphic team, Nick Automatic, has once again partnered up with Wipcaps to produce a sweet new release! Long awaited by many Wipheads and Nickheads alike, The Glider is totally worth the wait! This is the third time we’ve collaborated and it’s always a pleasure  to have a meeting of the minds from Manila to Cebu.

Nicolo Nimor, the main man behind Nick Automatic, had this to say about the cap: ” I was watching discovery channel while I was doing the design. I was watching a sport called wind gliding, so [he] called it that. The influence behind the design is a denim jacket with a patch that some old school punks do. But I wanted it kinda clean.” And clean it truly is.

The most notable feature of The Glider is that it uses a dark Indigo Denim fabric. The cap has small white highlights in the eyelet holes and top button. The front Logo has the letters NCK in super thick 3D embroidery. The letters are highlighted by a black box border and further outlined by a nice orange border. The cap also uses orange thread to compliment its accents. The WIP logo is in 3D embroidery and has orange and black accents too.

We’ll be dropping this cap on Saturday, July 13, 2013, along with the MNL ‘Tondo’ from the ongoing District Series. Swing by UNSCHLD at the Ronac Art Center this Saturday from 4pm – 7:30pm! It’ll be the first time we’re officially releasing the MNL ‘Tondo’, and the The ‘Glider’, which will make itself available nationwide on the same day!

Plus, it’s WIPCAPS President & General Manager, Ian’s birthday!


THERE’LL DEFINITELY BE FOOD, BOOZE AND GOOD VIBES! Apart from discounts you can get over at the UNSCHLD store, we’ll also be donating a portion of the money you use to buy our newly released caps to Gawad Kalinga!

We hope to see you guys there!

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