PAPA U-Gee is one of the most respected reggae artists from Japan, and WIP is proud to bring this collab to you!

He has more been performing Roots, Reggae, Dancehall and Dub for over 25 years, and is a prominent artist on the reggae scene in Japan, as well as having been a key figure in building the Japanese reggae scene and making it the most developed reggae scene to this day in Asia. PAPA U-Gee can also be credited as one of the people who gave Sami T of Mighty Crown his first shot in Jamaica.

PAPA U-Gee began his career with his first Roots band “ASB” –”in 1985 and later joined Yokohama based Reggae/Dancehall Sound System Banana Size Hi-Fi” in 1988. To get a taste of the reggae scenes overseas PAPA U-Gee He traveled to New York and Jamaica during the early 90’s, and in 1992 he released his first vinyl record, “Wicked Japanese” and under V.I.P. International JPN label.

The following year, PAPA U-Gee moved to the rough neighbourhood of Cockburn Pen, Kingston, Jamaica –to further immerse himself in reggae culture –where notable artists such as Super Cat, Josey Wales, U-Roy and Early B originated from.

During his stint as a resident of Cockburn Pen, PAPA U-Gee, alongside close Jamaican friend Emperor Star, frequented the local studios such as Record Factory, Tuff Gong, and King Jammy’s Studio where fellow musicians congregated. –And it was at Dub Store where PAPA U-Gee connected with the world famous sound system “Killamanjaro”. The 2 years spent in Jamaica proved to be an invaluable time for PAPA U- Gee, as the exposure to such greats such as Sugar Minott, Leroy “Horsemouth” Wallace, Major Mackerel, and Leggo Studio’s Bravo undoubtedly shaped his character and sound as a reggae artist.

After his return to Japan, PAPA U-Gee released many records that covered conscious themes such as Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. Tracks such as Oh Mama, A Walk, Try, and Connection have gained commercial recognition, and his hugely popular song Yaizu Ko has become a gateway track into reggae music for many Japanese reggae fans.

To further his already respected reputation in Japan, PAPA U- Gee began working with legendary Japanese Roots band “ZION HIGH PLAYAZ”, and set up his own production/label “KITEKI MUZIK” and on which he has since released 4 albums independently, including his last release in 2011, Connection.

Furthermore, PAPA U-Gee is no stranger to the international stage. Performing at reggae festivals all over the world, such as The ” Tribute to the Reggae Legends Festival”, formerly known as Bob Marley Day (U.S.A.), Jubilee Jam,BIG MOUNTAIN FES,PAI REGGAE FES (Thailand) and MALASIMBO MUSIC FES.
(Philippines) Taitung Music Festival (Taiwan) and as well as making more than 4 appearances at Mighty Crown’s Yokohama Reggae Sai (Japan) where more than 40,000 Japanese reggae fans descend annually to this event in Yokohama. Since 2007, PAPA U-Gee has built a significant fan base in both Taiwan and the Philippines, where he continues to help build the respective local reggae scenes by collaborating with local artists. He has also been awarded the honour of “Town Planning Goodwill Ambassador” in his home town of Yaizu, Shizuoka, Japan. In the future, PAPA U-Gee plans to carry on as a reggae ambassador spreading peace and unity across Asia and the globe through the culture of reggae music.

PAPA U-Gee frequents Irie Sunday, where he toasts up the mic and nices up the crowd alongside the selecta or the band. It’s always an inspiring experience to watch him perform, knowing his story and how he continues to contribute to the culture through his music.

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