We're stoked to announce that our second collab with RZL clothing is up for grabs now at our webstore, and soon at Gold Digger! 'Utak Talangka' is a Tagalog term that roughly translates to 'Crab Mentality'. If you put a bunch of crabs in a bucket, the crabs at the bottom pull those near the top back down to their level. This way, none of 'em get out to save themselves. This video sums it up pretty good.

The crown is a light chambre fabric, accented with a Nubuck square brim. In front is a detailed embroidered patch of the Utak Talangka logo, designed by RZL clothing. On either side of the cap are cream-toned embroideries of the RZL logo and the classic WIP logo. One special feature: the inside of this cap is lined with a Satin fabric with a brain on it.

This crown is insane in the brain, reminding us to be supportive of those around us who are following their passions, instead of pulling them down. It's a reminder to be less envious of others; to work as a team instead of always working alone--to be more human instead of being shellfish.


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