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WIP is proud to showcase Kohei 'Bakibaki' Yamao's distinct style through the aesthetics of the repetition called "BAKIBAKI". Arahabaki is an art movement that began with Kohei's signature patterns, inspired by natural elements and traditional Japanese textiles similar to Asanoha: patterned fabric of interlocking hemp leaves which was widely used in Japan.

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His modernized, urban aesthetics fused with his love for the organic and natural aspects of our surroundings create thought-provoking imagery, open to everyone's interpretations. Whether in digital form or made with more traditional mediums, all his pieces retain the same level of consciousness and space. Gradually, his canvases have transcended boundaries: now found on walls, furniture, clothing, vehicles and many more--showing the continuous flow of life and art in many ways and forms.

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Geometrical patterns symbolize the inter-connectivity needed for everything to take their shape in the world. They portray wisdom and insight into the complexities found in our simple experiences, and vice versa. Patterns allow us to recognize the underlying interdependence of all that exists--they are maps of our understanding of life, nature and our selves.

Kohei, who had his first one-man exhibition in 2007--is also part of an art-duo called Doppel. Back in 2001, he grouped together with friend and fellow artist Koutaro 'Mon' Oyama in Kyoto, Japan. They have since worked with various well-renowned companies, but have always kept it alive and real in the underground scene. Their yin and yang painting styles come together beautifully in every piece they collaborate on. Bakibaki's geometrical lines merged with Mon's fluid colors and strokes are two seemingly contradictory methods made whole, representing the coincidence of opposites: two polarities forming one harmonious, cohesive work of art.


Last year, they came to Manila and painted a portrait of Andres Bonifacio on a wall in Bonifacio Global city and brought their psychedelic blacklight visions to the second floor of Black Market as well.


Greatly inspired by these artists, the WIP team flew to Japan to chill with Kohei, experience the scene and cover Doppel's live art performance at the LIVE PAINT ZOJO 2015 at the Zojo-ji (Buddhist temple) in Minato City in Tokyo. The area is special for its historic links to Japanese warrior Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of the Tokugawa clan during the Edo period. The mesmerizing event was a spin-off of Live Paint DOJO, an annual live paint battle the started in 2012 with the objective of elevating the social standing of Japan’s street culture. It was great to witness the lifestyle and culture first hand.


WIP wishes to bring the same artistic Zen vibes from Japan to the Philippines through these complex yet simple caps. Let's tune ourselves to the universal everyday wisdom and inspiration found within and around us, the same way true artists do.

You can get yours now at WIP HQ, our webstore and Gold Digger Records for P1800.

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