produces a distinct style of music with their unique fusion of turntables and drums:
while Nix Damn P does his thing on the 1's and 2's, Macky enhances each track with his hard-hitting live beats. The two have been making music independently for years, but since their formation back in 2012, they've been taking the music scene by storm, taking their high-energy performances with them at every event and venue they find themselves in.

Nix Pernia and Macky Brillantes are two of the most down-to-earth dudes we know, always quick to greet familiar faces, whether you're a friend, a fellow artist or an avid spectator. But when they get on stage, you recognize their transformations and understand the power they harness through their instruments--allowing them to re-energize any crowd with music, no matter where they are. When Motherbasss is in the house, you know you're in for a crazy night! 

Photo by Life Dawn  Photo by Paolo Vivas
Photo by Joseph Maquirang aka Salitanaw

They play each gig with intense passion, as if it were the last performance of their lives. We're grateful to have collaborated with these insanely talented artists, who have also been supporting WIP for a long time now. The Motherbasss fam always has our respect and we're happy to showcase their music and spread the word in our own way.


The Motherbasss black-on-black snapback is simple, classy and well-designed, with the logo elements created by their good friend and artist Edmund Mallari. We're definitely grateful for the trust they continue to put in WIP.

We'll be launching the Motherbasss WIP caps at THE DROP tomorrow night at Black Market! Come through if you want to get your hands on the basss before everyone else does. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on when these will be available at WIP HQ, our webstore and our partner stores & stockists.

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