Greyhoundz Paw Snake skin
Greyhoundz is 18 years strong this year! We collaborated with the band a second time around to add this to their growing line of head wear. Having just celebrated their anniversary at B-SIDE last week, these snakeskin-accented lids arrived just in time to be sold at the venue itself while the show went on. Everybody knows about the wild crowds that come to see Greyhoundz at their gigs: their vibes bounce off the same energy brought on stage by Reg, TJ, Nino and Audie.

Greyhoundz at WIPLIFE2014 photographed by Goks

Greyhoundz at WIPLIFE2014 photographed by Goks  Greyhoundz at WIPLIFE2014 photographed by Goks
Photography by Brendan Goco // Greyhoundz at WIPLIFE2014

The dudes behind Greyhoundz are a family: friends and business partners who play an important role together by staying active throughout the years--remaining heavily involved in collaborations with other bands, brands, musicians, and artists--both inside and outside the BRGY TIBAY collective. Some of the same minds have given birth to the store MEDISINA: where clothing, merchandise and music are fused together in total harmony. This brings further insight into how the interdependence of all scenes, genres and ventures help transform everything around us.

WIP can relate to how fun it is to create with friends, how energizing it is to work with people as a team instead of working for a boss, and to collaborate with those who inspire us. We're always grateful for all the support that Greyhoundz has shown for us, including performing for the WIPheads last year at our WIPLIFE2014 celebration.

Greyhoundz Rockumentary by Red Horse Beer

Red Horse Beer did an amazing job with their Rockumentary series, taking the time to sit down with different local bands to ask about their humble beginnings, stories and aspirations. Watching the Greyhoundz feature shows us that they're in it for the long run, supporting each other in their endeavors whether as individuals or as a group to expand horizons and push boundaries. It's evident how much respect they have for one another, and most importantly, for their fans and supporters. Behind the toughness is a lot of heart, and behind the relaxed smiles and chill conversations are blood, sweat and tears.

Snake skin fabric

The Snake (or Serpent) is symbolic in many ways throughout humanity's cultural history: the Ouroboros represents change, creation/destruction, cycles of life and eternal renewal. Although in the material realm, snakes are seen as threatening or venomous creatures, the Rod of Asclepius is a snake symbol that represents healing and medicine, while the Caduceus alludes to the messenger of the gods--and is reminiscent of the double-helix DNA. Even the familiar snake in the garden of Eden represents knowledge of the duality of good and evil, while the Kundalini represents the fiery internal energy coiled within us all, waiting to be awakened. 

Underbill view

All these attributes seem quite fitting when you listen to Greyhoundz' music. Their songs wake you with fiery, loud and loaded messages: unafraid and unapologetic. They've definitely left their own significant mark in the local music revolution. We can't wait to see what else is in store for the Greyhoundz gang!

At Pulp Summer Slam photo by Yummie ding dingPhoto by Yummie Ding ding // Greyhoundz at Pulp Summer Slam XV

The Greyhoundz Paw Snake skin snapbacks are available now at our webstore, WIP HQ and our partner stores for PHP1550. Be sure to check for stocks in Medisina and Gold Digger Records at Cubao Expo. 

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