Locked and loaded! We're proud to finally showcase our collaboration with Armalite: bullet-proof in concept and style. Armalite began with members from different bands. Eventually, they grouped together to form a distinct, refreshing yet familiar sound both behind the scenes and on-stage.

Armalite Photographed by Joseph Maquirang (Salitanaw)

Vocalist Ian Tayao (Wilabaliw/Queso), Guitarist Ocho Toleran (Franco/Queso), turntablist Bboy Garcia (Radioactive Sago Project/Queso)--along with the youthful vibes of bassist Martin Hocson (Runway Crimes) and drummer Michael Gemina (Jensen and the Flips)--are all talented and experienced musicians in their own right, united by their love for making music.

Watch all 4 parts of the Exclusive Armalite Interview by PINOYTUNER

Photos by Life Dawn

Photos by Joseph Maquirang // SALITANAW

We met these guys last year at WIP HQ to discuss designs and get the creative juices flowing. The 'A' logo in front is custom-made by the WIP team, with two crossed Armalite guns--taking cues from the well-known Anarchy symbol. Underneath the brim is a print of a gas mask inspired by their Armalite tee designed by Evil Genius.


This snapback comes with 5 golden bullets embroidered at the back representing each member. We're definitely grateful for this opportunity to spread the message about Armalite and their music. These dudes have been reppin' WIP loud and proud since we first hooked 'em up! We want to express our immense appreciation for their trust in our brand to produce their first caps ever. Although it took us a while, we feel it was definitely worth the wait! 

Get the Armalite WIP caps at our webstore now or hit up WIP HQ and our partner stores & stockists tomorrow for P1550. We're pretty sure the dudes would love to see these A's in the crowd at their live shows. 

In a world filled with guns and ammunition, we feel the best way to convey messages is through creativity. Music has been one of the best weapons around, used to express instead of repress.

Hold strong, grip tight. Break a piece, see the light. BRATATATAT!

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