Dub Temple Records x WIPCAPS: The DTR Camper - Design by Baked Lab

Dub Temple Records x WIPCAPS: The DTR Camper - Design by Baked Lab

The DTR Camper by Baked Lab
We're ending the year strong with flying colors! This is the first of several pieces to come out of our ongoing collab with Brisbane-based independent record label Dub Temple Records. Designed by Joe Baker aka Baked Lab, this classic camper silhouette is patterned with his own rendition of the Dub Temple Records crew. We really dig his playful style, allowing each artist to be represented in a fun, refreshing light. Get familiar and check out DTR's full artist roster.

DTR 5th Anniversary Mix by Motifs on Mixcloud

The DTR camper reflects the youthful and edgy energy found in their music. We're honored to have produced these to celebrate their 5 year anniversary. Although it's a first time for WIP to be getting into these types of silhouettes--it definitely won't be the last.

DTR was established in 2010 by Science Project’s 8man and Grimes, inspired by their deep-rooted desire to celebrate the foundations of dub and take part in the culture's evolution. Music always takes new shapes and forms and expresses itself as a whole through different artists--steadily expanding and thriving in this technological age of free, widespread information.

Musicians are alchemists of sound: they experiment with different styles and genres, fusing certain aspects with others in order to create Alchemical gold for the ears and the soul. Mixing Hip Hop beats with Reggae dub's bass-heavy vibrations--merging old school cuts and samples with forward-thinking bass pressure.

DTR continues to stream high quality content online and are heavily supported by a diverse community of artists from all over the world--including some of the Philippines' own homegrown talents who have successfully released music under the label. Local pioneers like Red-I, Caliph8Pasta Groove, Mumuy and Kirvy are also part of the DTR collective, spreading the music from their home base to the rest of the world.

Pushing dub, beats, and bass culture in old and new forms--DTR continues to leave their mark through music, connecting artists worldwide and bringing them together through their unified love for the movement and the culture.

Grab your DTR camper at our webstore now for only P1290! Limited stocks are available now at WIP HQ and the DTR webstore as well. Big up and respect to our DTR fam!

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