The Mumma's Boy custom collection is now available!

We spent the day with Sidney: the man behind Mumma's boy--who started his own independent clothing brand rooted in a desire to pride us of our mothers and to make them proud of us as well. Watch our exclusive video feature to discover more behind the brand and what inspired him to start his own line of apparel and headwear. We at WIP really admire the passion and care that he puts into designing and executing each of his products. Working with him was a breeze and we're more than happy to help everyone get familiar with what we believe to be one of the fastest growing local brands around!

We're stoked to announced that you can now purchase these limited edition Mumma's boy snapbacks at the Custom collection section of our webstore, where custom-made headwear for different brands will be available for purchase and shipping. You can also get these in person at WIP HQ--as well as at Titan and CoG stores near you. Be proud, son!

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