The W.I.P Attitude

The W.I.P Attitude

Inspired by the legendary group NWA and the influential era that was 90's Hip-Hop--we're proud to present the WIP Attitude snapback.

Special thanks to Batas. Prolific tattoo artist at Wild Ones Tattoo, Defending Fliptop champ and overall cool dude.

Hip-Hop reached world-wide recognition in the 90's. Although its history goes a while back with Jamaican roots, the movement has captured the imaginations of many on a massive scale, influencing the way we talk, dance and create art. It's a culture, a lifestyle: a way of seeing the world.

Hip-Hop has uplifted voices and changed perspectives on many issues--transcending worldly differences and uniting people across all cultures, races and classes. Local organizations like Fliptop Battle League continue to help contribute in elevating our homegrown artists while discovering new talents and styles nationwide, proving that Hip-Hop is alive, well and thriving in the Philippines.

Simple, clean and accented with a classic Kelly-green underbill, the WIP Attitude is unafraid of self-expression and bows down to no one.

Cop yours now for P1550 at our webstore and next week at our partner stores and online stockists.


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