The 'W' Night Rider

The 'W' Night Rider

The W Night Rider is for all the bike enthusiasts out there. Whether you're into bmx's, mountain bikes, or fixies, this snapback is sure to keep you shaded in the day time and highly visible at night with its reflective features.

To add to its safety and reflector accents, the perforated nylon fabric is breathable and keeps your head cool, which also makes it perfect for jogging and sports.

We took a trip to Japan with enough gear for the whole crew to put our own spin on shooting them in their element, aspiring to capture their movements throughout the rainy, urban streets. Needless to say, they brought the caps and the hoodies to life.

We've been linked up with Tokyo-based Fixed riders Led Thread for a while now and have become strong admirers of the way they document their rides; their motions reflected perfectly in stills taken by their photographer, Seiji.

There's a striking simplicity to the concept of the fixed gear bike. Stripped of its heavy, bulky parts, fixies are light, efficient--and since breaks aren't required--definitely satisfy your need for speed. More than just a cool way to mobilize, the fixed gear movement continues to grow steadily in Japan along with many parts all over the world.


The 'W' Night Rider is available now exclusively at our webstore and at WIP HQ for P1550, where each purchase made will get you a limited-edition 3M 'W' sticker. These will also be available with our trusted partner stores and stockists over the weekend.

The Night Rider hoodies are also available for pre-order now on our webstore until March 25 only. ETA for the shipments is mid-April. If you're in Japan and want to save on shipping costs, hit up Tajima at for your wipcaps orders.

Big thanks to the whole Led Thread crew and Seiji Yamazaki aka photoholic89 for the dope photos

Get your crew together and ride in style.

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