We're lettin' the dogs out this Summer! The WIP CITY BULLIES are in town to stir things up. We got a lotta love for our canine counterparts--most of us at WIP have had dogs as part of the family for many years and we continue to enjoy their company day by day. Taking design cues from the iconic Georgetown Hoyas, we put our own twist on this classic look to pay tribute to man's best friend.

Nacho at WIP HQ First Sample Picture Reference for graphics

This is Nacho. You've probably seen him a few times before. He's our head designer, Mike Nakayama's, french bulldog. Frenchies, despite their usually glum expressions, are comical, playful and mischievous--always enthusiastic about going on any adventure with you, whether it's an out-of-town trip, a walk around the village, a ride in your car or even a mundane trip to the office. They have random bursts of energy followed by couch potato tendencies. Nacho was the original design inspiration for this snapback, but there's no denying we were also influenced by his homies Spam and Kush.

Mav and Yso's Spam Ghetto's Nacho Red-I and Soulflower's Kush

Although they can be hilariously stubborn, these bullies remember what they learn and respond well to patient training, especially when rewarded with food. They're affectionate, curious, sensitive and love social interaction with humans. Males tend to try and out-boss each other but are generally friendly around the ladies. They love to join in during meals and aren't afraid to ask you for something when they need/want it. Their favorite past times include chasing balls, rolling around in bed, getting rubbed, taking naps and farting.

Mav and Mike with Nacho

The WIPCITY BULLIES are ruff n' tough on the outside but softies on the inside. This design was heavily inspired by the long history of meaningful friendship and companionship we've had with our four-legged friends. Our dogs remind us to listen to our intuitive nature, to live in the moment, to never take things for granted and remember that there's always time for playfulness in our lives.

Get these snapbacks now for PHP1550 each at our webstore available for shipping locally and worldwide. You can also drop by WIP HQ or phone-in your orders next week during store hours. Be sure to hit up our partner stores & online stockists around your area, too.

Ian's Gimli
R.I.P to our Boston Terrier bros Gimli and Ellis

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