The MAD HATERS LEPRECHAUN is a new take on the popular MAD HATERS cap of the "Wasteland" series created by WIP Co-Founder Mike Nakayama.   Launched in 2011, the "Wasteland" is a fictional world set in an apocalyptic future over-run by several street gangs, including the MAD HATERS.  The "Wasteland" series eventually became one of the most popular collectibles among fans of the brand.  

The MAD HATERS LEPRECHAUN includes a raised embroidered 'MAD HATERS' logo with a special WIP 10 Year Pin.  The cap comes in a two-tone colorway of a black cap with a shamrock green brim. Shamrock or Celtic green symbolizes championship tradition, good fortune and success.  With success, however, also comes a lot of haters who turn green with envy.

We are dropping this as part of our 10-year thanks to our customers and fans - Php 1,010 from 10 am to 10 pm on the product's release date.  


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