Our third custom production for independent brand RZL clothing, the 'Money Hog' is a playful reference to all the dirty politicians we've ever had in the Philippine government. RZL's style is distinct because all their caps are themed to be relevant to many of our local issues with messages worthy of ingraining in our minds.

Watch 'Kontrabida' by Assembly Generals to see a 'Money Hog' in action!

Money hogs are greedy, and although voted in positions of power to instigate massive change--instead, they take the opportunity to stuff their own pockets in place of giving back to the very people they should be serving.

This cap is a reminder to recognize when hunger turns into gluttony and distinguish between sincere public servants and lying thieves with ulterior motives or agendas. Although this pokes fun at our government and its officials, we remain hopeful that the country's constantly evolving self-consciousness will give the people the chance to make their voices heard in the fight against corruption and institutionalized greed. The 'Money Hog' is a reminder for us to always be honest and never take more than what we need.

These are available for P1550 at our webstore under our Custom CollectionWIP HQ, RZL Clothing Online and Badman's Closet. Only 120 pieces were made for this limited-edition run.

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