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The WIPcats Varsity is a play on basketball teams with our own unique twist.
Inspired by wild cats, this design takes the form of a tiger roaring with confidence
next to an Old English 'W'. Accented with a dark gray underbrim, this cap compliments
the WIPcats jackets and WIPcats tees that were part of our WIPcats Dugout collection in 2013.

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HipHop producer,  !LLMIND is rocking the WIPCATS Reversible Jacket in this music video! Lookin’ flyyyy

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We’re having an exclusive 3-day sale on the Dugout Collection! In lieu of the long, liquor-banned weekend, we’re slashing 20% off when you buy any of these 3 items from our online store. This is a one-time promo to celebrate our debut into creating WIP APPAREL. This is also our way of saying thank you to […]

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