The 'Desert Falcon'

The 'Desert Falcon'

The 'Desert Falcon' Hemp snapback takes its inspiration from Ancient Egyptian symbolism with a modern interpretation. Horus, a deity commonly represented by a Falcon, was regarded as the sky god: "one who is above".

The Eye of Horus embodies healing power, regeneration and protection. Its placement on the back of the cap is a symbolism for the 'third eye', representing the ability of the wise mind to see beyond what is visible, able to view past the veils of illusion and perceive truth. Lastly, the Winged Sun embroidered on the underbrim is associated with divinity, power and the light of revelation.


These symbols are closely interconnected to form a design that reminds us to rise above earthly matters and change our perceptions of the world so that we can spread the light of wisdom, truth and understanding in all our words and actions. This cap is a crown that asks us to recognize the divine being within every single one of us, along with our ability to empower ourselves and those around us. In essence, we are the creators of our own lives and we should have the courage to spread our wings wide and take flight.

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