Inspired by ancient Mexica (Aztec) imagery and mythology, the 'Golden Serpents' take on the form of the iconic Double-headed Serpent, twisted to resemble the shape of a 'W'. The dome is made from Hemp fabric with the Sun stone lining the inside and wrapping the mind: the center of our nervous system, the organ that gives us the ability to connect, communicate and relate with our world and surroundings.

The first prototype of this design made its debut during Loonie VS Tipsy D at Fliptop battle league's Isabuhay 2016 Semifinals. Some scholars theorize that materials bearing the double-headed serpent may have been used in rituals or ceremonies. It was fitting to see the cap come to life, crowning Loonie during his bursts of seemingly shamanic trances paired with his heavy-hitting rhymes.


Although serpent symbolism or snake worship has been held sacred by many cultures throughout history, this one was the most aesthetically striking. Instead of two intertwining or separate snakes, two heads are connected to one body: duality and nonduality emerging from a single point. To quote Alan Watts, "every explicit duality is an implicit unity". You can't have one without the other.

The 'Golden Serpents' represent the polarity of energies in humanity and the universe: positive and negative, light and darkness, creation and destruction, life and death, masculine and feminine--elements that grant us the gift of experience and growth. It takes a certain wisdom to see the underlying unity found in seemingly opposing forces. Similar motifs can be found in folklore all over the world in tales that speak of humanity's origins.

Snakes represent rebirth, renewal, transformation, immortality, wisdom and healing, sometimes referring to the cycles of time measured by movement or change. This design reminds us to be mindful of the coincidence of opposites that allow everything to exist, especially the concepts we conceive and perceive through human consciousness.

Made from organic Hemp fabric and accented with gold features, the 'Golden Serpents' emanate a protective aura that is rich with cosmic symbolism, mystery and esoteric wisdom. Get yours first at our webstore and this weekend at WIP HQ for P1550 each. These will also be available with our partner stores & stockists. Keep it golden!

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Very comfortable to wear and great for intimacy because of its beautiful design and texture.

Justin Taganas

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