The higher state of Omar Baliw by WIP

We thought it was a great time to catch up with Omar of HGHMNDS and get the scoop on our recent drop. We touched on the importance of collabs, and HGHMNDS's future plans.

Photography c/o HGHMNDS
Interview by WIP

Talk us through how the collab with WIP came about.

I actually started out as a fan of WIP Caps, as I wore the brand daily. I was amazed with the brand's overall quality and aesthetics. To think that it's actually a local brand, I was blown away by its overall make and build.

I realized that your product should be of high quality so that the product will sell itself.

2020 was when I actually exchanged messages with the brand. It went on for a few meetings and finally the collab happened - HGHMNDS x WIP 2022

Omar rockin' a WIP 'Champion Sound OG' Fitted back in the day

How important are collabs in the streetwear space?

Collaborations are vital, as they give people something new and fresh to enjoy. Through them the projects we don't normally do actually materialize. These are the impossible projects that you never thought will happen, but they do.

What do you think is the next big trend here in the PH?

Anything that HGHMNDS does are surefire trendsetters. hahaha Kidding aside, I think brands are veering more towards custom pieces. The types of products that aren't just shirts anymore. From customized polos to pants to jackets that are proudly locally made, there's just so much more slated to happen in the future.

HGHMNDS is one of the top brands, what inspires you guys and did you guys ever imagine the brand would be where it is today.

To tell you the truth we really didn't expect that we'll reach this point of success.

But as we went along, the process taught us so much - this made us love what we do even more. We're inspired to outdo ourselves every year and cover all bases every single time. Success becomes a habit and we intend to keep it that way. Once you embrace that mindset it becomes less of work and more of a labor of love - it just comes out of your work ethic naturally.

What can we expect from HGHMNDS for the rest of 2022?

More releases and more custom pieces that we plan to explore outside our usual scope. Our brand's impact will be felt louder in the days months and years to come.

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BIG BIG BIG thanks, dawg, Omar

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