The 'Sneakerheads' by Boushi Apparels

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The 'Sneakerheads' by Boushi Apparels

Kick ‘em up! Boushi Apparels has the perfect headgear for all sneaker enthusiasts! This design is inspired by the people who collect, trade and admire sneakers as a hobby. More than the just shoes, the emergence of Sneakerhead culture has fascinated the world. Sneakerheads come from all walks of life, regardless of ethnicity, class, gender, age and any other boundary we define ourselves by.

With its simple embroidery design and sneaky underbrim, Sneakerheads will be proud to wear this unique cap paired with their favorite sneakers. Get yours now for PHP1500 in the Philippines or ¥3500 in Japan. Order now by sending a message to Boushi Apparels!

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