Founded in 2015, Shadow Moses is a local underground hip-hop trio made up of MCs Chyrho and NINNO, along with prolific beatmaker Six The Northstar. Describing their genre as "Nerdcore", the group was formed over their unified love for both hip-hop and geek culture.

Their music is a unique mixture of old school hip-hop and backpack rap, fusing nostalgic vibes with refreshing millennial energy. These three generations of geeks are able to fully display their explosive dynamics when they perform on stage, so be sure to catch them live the next time you see the name 'Shadow Moses' at a gig near you.

Photo taken at Route 196 by Sophie Caraan

These dudes are authentic true-to-life nerds, expressing themselves through their lyrics and samples which pay homage to science fiction--including references to movies, video games, comics, and even pro wrestling.

Photo from Bandwagon Philippines

In June this year, they successfully launched their EP 'Expansion Pack' which is available on Spotify and iTunes. The album is a solid compilation of boom bap beats, haunting vocals, experimental sampling, cybernetic wordplay and playful humour. Among all the up-and-coming local acts we've heard of so far, Shadow Moses is one of the most unique we've encountered.

Photos taken in Futurestudio by Gino Dalao

Each artists in their own right, they combine forces powerful enough to create songs that shake you to the core and wake you.

We'd like to thank Ninno (Logiclub), Chyrho (AMPON/Epical), Six (AMPON/MDK/New Cocoon) and their manager Paolo "The Narc" Narciso for allowing us to feature their craft behind-the-scenes, shedding light on the wisdom that lurks in the shadows.

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