Last September, while still in lockdown, we were in the middle of talks with Loonie regarding our second collaboration release. We knew we wanted to involve our community via social media and possibly put out something even more meaningful for Loonie and his fans.

So we put out an announcement with the mechanics and the header "An Event in Loonie's Life that inspired you, your artwork or photograph could be featured in our next collection with Loonie"

Crazy that we received so many submissions!

Photos, untitled works, others with messages for Loonie, and some really unique one's like,

this ketchup and flour on an orange plate, titled in bold "COMEBACK",

by Alyssa Dela Fuente.

And this digital render by Christian G. Bayabay.


All the entries were awesome, and the team and Loonie went through each one.

In the end we decided that we would run with Talia's work and knew that this was something everyone would be pleased to receive together with our FRAGMENTS ll drop, the Loonieverse X WIP Lock Up dad cap.


We recently spoke to the artist behind the artwork of The Bootleg Fragments Tee. 

A Buckshot by WIP :: @indiana_talia

How long have you been making art and how did you get into it?
Talia: It’s been 11 years. Drawing was my hobby in Grade 1.

I decided to pursue it when I was in Grade 6. I started watching videos on YouTube and Art Tutorials. 

I also joined art contests in different schools around laguna. The most memorable one was for Red Cross International Humanitarian Law where I won first place and beat 40 contenders from different schools. It gave me confidence to pursue my dreams. 

Take us through your creative process

I look for inspiration, and figure what I want to do. I’ll start to sketch something, outlines, and the techniques that i put. I also have to be patient and go through the process because it takes time to perfect your work.

Which artists do you look up to?
Fernardo Amorsolo. He’s one of the most important artists historically. I became inspired by him on how to blend colors and how to be realistic.

"Dalagang Bukid" Fernando Amorsolo

And Pablo Picasso. I learned to make portraits because of him.

He had such an impact in the art world.

“Self-portrait” Pablo Picasso

process image from @indiana_talia

So how did you find out about WIP?

I found out through my boyfriend. He loves to collect caps and tees. When he sees something cool he buys it. We like HGHMNDS, WIP, Kush and a few others. We’ve been fans for a long time!

What is your favorite Loonie song?
“Tao Lang” by loonie ft. Quest , Maraming magagandang song si Loonie but this song is very iconic for me, even if it’s old, the impact of the music is still there when you hear it. ❤️

Who should he (LOONIE) collaborate on music with?
I think “SKUSTA CLEE” because they look awesome together.
A combination of RNB and Rap  😄

image from @indiana_talia

What is your fondest memory of Loonie?
The best memory of LOONIE for me is when he mentioned me for my first artwork of him on his FB page and sent me a DM on IG saying “Galing mo gumuhit! Buhay na buhay. 🤩” 

So nung nabalitaan ko na may pacontest ang WIP about “Loonie Artworks” hindi na ako nagdalawang isip pa, I grabbed the opportunity and worked hard on it.

We love your art! How do you feel about us using your artwork on the tee?

Thank you very much 🥺! I have mixed emotions because I’ve never seen my artwork on a tee before. Also incredibly awesome! When I first saw the tee on your Instagram Story of the Backroom I felt like crying.

Thank you so much for the opportunity. I love it so much! ❤️

Grab The Bootleg Tee with Talia's artwork at the BACKROOM
Free with every purchase of a Loonieverse Lockup dad cap only until May 3 9PM PST (Philippine Standard Time) or until supplies last!

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