WIP TRIP: "ill city" ILOILO

WIP TRIP: "ill city" ILOILO

We're proud to premiere our first WIP TRIP feature coinciding with the Dinagyang 2017 festival weekend. Last year, we flew to Iloilo city and learned first-hand why it is endearingly called the 'city of love'. The down-to-earth nature of Illonggos and Illonggas highlighted their hospitality, perfectly contrasting the edginess that can be found in their hometown's walls and streets.

A synergy of old and new--of provincial charm and eccentric expressions--the people of "ill city" are aesthetically and musically influenced by modern urban styles. Coming from Manila, it feels like a home away from home. The vibes are mixed with a laid back and creative energy, allowing music, art and food to thrive organically with their own unique colors and flavors.

Although we didn't get to attend Dinagyang, we're glad we were able to capture how vibrant and exhilarating ill city is even on ordinary days. We'd like to give special thanks to the WIPheads Team Iloilo fam for touring us around along with Sam Paguntulan of Bureau and 'Kant Stop Illonggos Now', Nollz of PIOD Paper Crew, R-nic of Eunoia and the locals for allowing us to experience Iloilo city's sights, sounds and cuisine. Salamat gid!

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