We're excited to announce our collab with all-girl garage punk rock band Flying Ipis! This design is a manifestation of their electrifying music. Made with the classic silhouette of a strapback dad cap, the fabric is peppered with reflector prints of the Flying Ipis logo along with a simple embroidered label in front.

Comprised of Deng Garcia, Ymi Castel, Gaki Azurin and Tanya Singh, the band that started out with humble roots at an all-girls Catholic school has enjoyed massive success in the local indie music scene. With notable music awards under their belt, they've also performed a international events around the world, having recently toured for their latest album 'Roach Motel' signed under Locked Down Entertainment.

Join the roach club and get your 'Flying Ipis' dad caps for PHP1350 each at WIP HQ, our webstore and soon at our partner stores & stockists! You can also message Flying Ipis' facebook page to order directly from the band.
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