WIP X JDMUnderground.ph: 'Wildboys' 10 year anniversary

WIP X JDMUnderground.ph: 'Wildboys' 10 year anniversary

The JDMUnderground.ph 'WildBoys' 10-year anniversary' snapback is a celebration of the decade that has passed for their group as a car community, catering to the passion of classic JDM Tuning and the never-ending passion for JDM parts. JDM refers to Japanese Domestic Market vehicles and this cap is a tribute to this local car group's story.

The design has elements pulling from JDMU's history, with details specially curated for those in-the-know within their community and forums such as the 90's inspired style of the hat, along with the signature combo of pink and teal which was used quite heavily back in the day.

There's also the hint of that pastry shop that they would frequent in Greenhills in their early beginning years. The "Wildboys" design on the underbrim pulls from their fascination with Osaka's kanjo street racing crews. Last, but not least, the hemp snapback features a nice touch with the stash pocket.

*Photos courtesy of Simon Valencia of the JDMU Shoot Squad (Winsport Performance)

Like JDM cars, this hat is far from stock. The JDMUnderground 'WildBoys' 10 year anniv snapback will be made available for PHP1800 exclusively for active members of the JDMUnderground.ph forums during their release event on Sept. 23. The whole package includes the cap itself, a WIP box, WIP bag, 'W' rubber tag, 3 stickers and certificate of authenticity. Check their instagram page and website for more details.

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