Mastaplann is one of the most legendary groups in Pinoy Hip Hop history. Formed back in '92 during the golden era of Hip Hop, their distinct sound and style showcased more than just rap, highlighting DJing, B-boying and graffiti in their music videos and performances, introducing a broader understanding of the culture to Filipinos in the 90's.


Their first 2 albums "Mastaplann" and "The way of the plann" went platinum and are highly acclaimed as classic OPM treasures by many fans and music junkies worldwide. Along with original group members Butch 'Tracer One' Velez, Johnny 'Type Slickk' Luna, DJs Sonny Abad, Noel Macanaya aka DJ M.O.D. and Lopie Guzman aka DJ OuchJohnny Krush joined not long after. Their 3rd album "Mastaplann.com" showcased unique beats and a more mature sound, signed and co-produced by the 'King of Rap' Francis M. Following their big reunion show in Manila back in 2010, their last album "Mastaplann Bootlegged" dropped in 2013 featuring some of their biggest hits and fresh tracks with Bambu as well as Sun Valley Crew members Ill J & Rye.


Although some of Mastaplann's original members are no longer active within the group, their humble beginnings brought a community of like-minded artists to life now widely known as the "True Asiatik Tribe". Comprised of musicians, tattoo artists and creative pioneers throughout Asia, the legacy continues to live on in more ways than one. Mastaplann has always stood for brotherhood and unity, with their foundations having been built organically through friendship and their love for Hip Hop culture.

This two-part collaboration is a throwback to the old school--a tribute to music that connects people of all ages and walks of life, forming strong bonds that transcend time and labels.

With their iconic logos designed by Arnold Espiritu, the limited-edition 'Asiatik' snapbacks will be available exclusively at Mastaplann's The Bar Tour where you can get their CDs and official ThudRumble tees at every show venue while the 'True Asiatik Tribe' caps are available now exclusively at WIP HQ and wipcaps.com for P1550 each.

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